Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by here at Cake & Corolla.

Cake & Corolla is a family owned and operated Bakery and Flower Shop in one. Swing by before dinner and grab dessert and flowers to go. Or come check out our storefront and stay for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

You can place special orders for almost anything we make in the bakery. The atmosphere in our storefront is comfortable yet trendy – and we provide a place where you can come plug in your laptop, and utilize our free Wi-Fi. We have an array of seating (one of them including a couch).

Weddings & Special Occasions

Not only do we provide an awesome place to hang out to have coffee and delicious baked goods, but we also make wedding cakes! We provide one on one wedding consultations which are available by appointment only.

Wedding consultations consists of tasting multiple cake flavors to select the best cake flavor that suits your special day, as well as designing the look of your cake. The process is fun and is an iconic moment in your life.